Exit Sign Codes and Requirements

Exit Sign Codes and Requirements

What are the requirements around illuminated exit signs? Who wrote the safety codes we follow in the United States, and what are they?

Before 1994, most building codes in the United States were determined by geographic region. One group, the Building Officials Code Administrators International, made the codes which were followed by architects, builders, and building owners on the East Coast and some of the Midwest; another, the Southern Building Code Congress International, was used in the Southeast; and yet another, the International Conference of Building Officials, was responsible for the West Coast and the rest of the Midwest. However, these groups merged in 1994 to create the International Code Council, or ICC, to develop codes and regulations that would go into effect across the country.

Despite being called the “International Code Council,” the ICC is a United States-based organization, whose policies are mostly adopted only in the US. One of the many documents which the ICC publishes is called the “International Building Code,” or IBC. Section 1011 of the IBC is where all of the regulations and codes surrounding illuminated exit signs are. IBC Section 1011 Exit Signs are those which are compliant with all of the rules laid out in the IBC.

What are the rules that IBC Compliant Exit Signs are required to follow? It is important to note that the specific policies change depending on which state or territory your building is in. However, some general guidelines apply across all states and territories which have adopted the IBC.

Our page explaining our photoluminescent illuminated exit sign technology also goes into some detail about what IBC Section 1011 requires, and the entire regulation is available at the International Code Council’s website. In short, illuminated exit signs are required when the way out of a building or room is not immediately clear to those within the space. As IBC Section 1011.1 says, “The path of egress travel to exits and within exits shall be marked by readily visible exit signs to clearly indicate the direction of egress travel in cases where the exit or the path of egress travel is not immediately visible to the occupants. Intervening means of egress doors within exits shall be marked by exit signs.”

While, as Slate magazine reports, the red-letter EXIT sign which is so ubiquitous in the United States is controversial internationally, large red letters reading “EXIT” are required on every illuminated exit sign in the United States. IBC Section 1011 Exit Signs must follow explicit guidelines around the size and style of the lettering. In addition to the fact that the word must “have plainly legible letters not less than 6 inches (152 mm) high with the principal strokes of the letters not less than ¾ inch (19.1 mm) wide,” IBC Section 1011 mandates that “the word ‘EXIT’ shall be in high contrast with the background and shall be clearly discernible when the means of exit sign illumination is or is not energized.”

4 sources of information about business start up costs

4 sources of information about business start up costs

Before you start your business, you need to know exactly how much capital you will need to get started. You need to create a good business plan and estimate how much you might need to start your business. If you underestimate your needs then you might soon run out of money. If you overestimate it you might never be able to start your business. You will need to know the solid figure. Here are some good sources from which you can get a good estimate about your business.

1. People in the business

People who are doing similar business can tell you how much you need to start your busienss. You can go to entrepreneurs outside your geographic area to get the right information.

2. Sources of supplies

Suppliers can tell you about the start up costs. They have experience in dealing with different businesses. So suppliers of businesses that are similar to yours can be a good source of information about the start up cost of your business.

3. Trade associations

Trade associations can actually give you a sample financial statement of an established business in your niche. This is a very good source of information.

4. Business consultants

A qualified business consultant can give you excellent advice on your start up costs. He or she will do intensive research before giving you an estimate.

Use any of these sources to get a good estimate about your business. But you need to present a practical business plan to them before they can give you an estimation for your business start up cost. You need to calculate the costs of your business including capital cost, fixed cost and variable cost. Then you can get a rough idea about how much money you have to accumulate to start up your business.

4 websites that help start your business

4 websites that help start your business

Starting a business is very challenging. But due to the widespread of Internet, it’s now very easy to obtain information regarding anything. You can find a number of good websites that will help you start your business. Here are some of them:

Business is Great Britain


This website will give you the support and advice for growing your business. Careful planning and research is needed to start your own business. From this website, you will find out where to get help. You will get to know how to register a company and all the necessary formal steps to set up a business. During the growth phase of your business, you will be faced with many challenges. This site will give you advice regarding these issues as well.

SBA: U.S. Small Business Administration


SBA was formed in 1953 to counsel and assist small businesses. Small business is crucial for the economic recovery of a country. You will get lots of advice and help from this site to start, build and grow your business.

Business News Daily


Thousands of people every year across the country take the risk and start their own business. The journey is tough and many end up failing. This site gives you a step-by-step guide on what to do. From brainstorming ideas to finally implementing the business, everything is covered in this site.



In this site you will find everything an entrepreneur needs to know. You will learn about leadership skills, ways to finance your business, marketing strategies, impact of social media, technology and many other aspects of business from this site.

All these websites are an excellent resource for entrepreneurs. You will learn about the steps to start a new business and the necessary skills needed to be a successful business person.

3 best business schools in the world

3 best business schools in the world

A business degree like MBA from a good business school can provide graduates with a better salary, new opportunities and huge network of industry contacts. According to reputation and starting salary, here are the top 3 business schools in the world.

1. University of Pennsylvania — The Wharton School


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This was ranked the top university for business studies. It was established in 1881 from a $100,000 donation by an industrialist named Joseph Wharton. The university has a very good reputation. The average starting salary of a graduate is $127,300. It has 95% job placement rate within the first 3 months of graduation. You need a GMAT score of 732 to get into this institution. The school has the largest alumni networks among the business schools. Notable figures like LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and financier Ron Perelman have been graduates of this institution.

2. University of Chicago — Booth School of Business


Location: Chicago, Illinois

This is one of the most expensive business schools in the world. Last year, 98% of the students of this institution secured job within the first three months of graduation. The top five employers were Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Co., Amazon, Bain & Co. and Bank of America. This school trains students for the real world business situations. Lab course and experiential learning are regular activities of this school. The school often brings in guest lecturers from the real world, like Executives from venture capital companies to share their knowledge and experience with the students. You need a GMAT score of 726 to get enrolled in this institution. Average starting salary of the graduates is $125,000.

3. Harvard University — Harvard Business School


Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

This has the world’s oldest MBA program. It is an expensive school. 91% of graduates secure jobs within 3 months of graduating. There are many famous politicians, billionaires and CEOs who have graduated from this prestigious business school. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberm, former President George W. Bush, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and many more prominent figures have graduated from this school. You need a GMAT score of 725 to get into this institution. The average starting salary of graduates is $131,600.

It is very competitive to get into these top class institutions. But once you graduate from these institutions, there will be no looking back. You will be reigning the world!